The Fire Pit

December 1, 2016Lincoln Crum


Of all the constants in my life, the fire pit has to rank in the top 3 things that bring me peace and tranquility… a real safe spot. The colors of a fall fire are my favorite. The flames are a perfect blend of yellow and orange with tints of red at the tip of every flame.¬†Glad I have it and appreciative of the fact that my girls let me retreat out to the back patio on a regular basis.
Its funny how much we take fire for granted in our everyday lives. The bulk of our lifespan as humans on this planet has been spent worshiping fire and coveting the almighty flame. Its instantaneous now, at our fingertips whenever we need it.
I think one of the main reasons I always want a place to burn a fire is because it keeps me in check with the most simple, basic element of survival. Without fire, we would vanish and I don’t plan on going anywhere too soon.
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