Where Have The Past 7 Years Gone?

May 27, 2016Lincoln Crum


Where have the past 7 years gone-

I developed the tagline and concept of “Local Guy” back in 2009, kind of as a local social/community experiment. I was in the beginning stages of learning how to use video to create awareness for my home town, with the hopes that someone would pay attention and recognize my name and list their property with me, elect me, let me represent them in a home purchase or get picked up by a national brand who believed in the sense of authenticity and truly organic grass roots marketing via video. The cool thing is, in April of 2016 I am so much further along than I ever thought I would be in this short amount of time.

There are some folks that have been following this local journey from the beginning. They watched my first Local Shoutout and didn’t question my motives, supporting me from day one…mind you, there were a lot of people who questioned what I was doing on a local level. Some people couldn’t grasp the concept of doing something different on a very personal and micro level, I think it scared them.  With every video I’ve always made it priority #1 to make my next video better than the last, to always smile at the camera and just be myself. I knew that if I did that, success would be right around the corner.

Seven years later I’ve landed very squarely on my feet, recovered from a devastating real estate economy and always looked for the good in every situation. Since 2009 I’ve produced over 800 videos, toured the country with my best friend highlighting other local businesses, sold over 300 pieces of real estate and built a very recognizable and identifiable brand within our local community. The journey has been a rewarding one, but one with a lot of mistakes and challenges. Thankfully, I can honestly say that my original mission has been accomplished.  That phase of my life was fun, lonely and scary. I’m glad it is now officially in the rear view mirror of life.

I’d venture to say that the next five years will be just as rewarding. I have created a relationship based on vision and hard work with my team at LincolnCrum.com. We are building the most hyper local small boutique real estate companies in our market. Every day we inspire Realtors to do something empowering and different, all the while videoing the entire journey.  I’ve assembled an awesome team of people who push me every single day to be a better man, entrepreneur and Local Guy.

Five years ago I would lay in bed at night and dream of getting picked up by HGTV, Travel or Discover Channel…making videos, spending time in front of the camera. Exploring small local communities all over the country with video camera in tow, documenting the entire process. Now I lay in bed at night and dream a different dream. My dreams now consist of helping people with the largest financial investment of their lives, producing video about real people doing real local things and continuing this journey, one video and real estate transaction at a time.

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