April 1, 2016Tammie Miller


Despite my wanderlust, frequent job hopping and a resume that if listed every job held and experience acquired in the last 30 years would be nearly 6 pages in length, I have landed squarely on my feet and settled into a career… finally at the age of 46!  If you had asked me 24 months ago what I envisioned myself doing in the next two years, I would have never even imagined I’d say I was happily employed as a Video Producer, licensed Real Estate Broker, Administrative Assistant & Auction Support Specialist.  Especially when I tell you that I hold all of these positions… simultaneously.  But, that is exactly where I have found myself and I have some unfortunate and many fortunate events to thank for getting me here.

Not unlike many other Gen X’ers, I have spent a big majority of my life searching for that one thing I was passionate about and figuring out how to make a living at it.  In those years of searching, gaining knowledge about different industries, learning new competencies and more importantly learning who I was, I found that it is not always what you do that defines you and gives you passion. It is who you do it with and your passionate attitude while on the journey and arriving at your destination that will give you the most fulfillment.

I have worked for every kind of “Boss” imaginable; the martyr, the screamer, the manipulator, the paranoid, the passive-aggressive, the clueless and the domineering.  It wasn’t until I went to work for Lincoln Crum that I finally had the opportunity to work for the “Great Boss.”  As outlined by Joy Douglas, a contributing writer for Monster on the “21 Types of Bosses”, The Great Boss is the supportive motivator – the boss who treats everyone with fairness regardless of politics. He communicates, keeps an open door policy, and encourages others to follow suit. He leads by example, provides superior training, and a positive work environment. He has vision, is not afraid, and doesn’t scream. He coaches his staff, and when employees leave, they will talk about him for years to come.

So, when my “Great Boss” asked me to write a BLOG post on what it was like from my point of view to work for him at Locally Grown Films as a Producer, Lincoln Crum Realty as a Real Estate Broker and Administrative Assistant and Lincoln Crum Auctions as an Auction Support Specialist, I lamented for about 30 minutes because I had never written a BLOG post before.  Then I realized, it’s just like journaling.  And, although I haven’t journaled in quite some time, I am very familiar with what that entails… recording my thoughts, my feelings, my outlook on things, my opinion. I got this!

Where do I begin?

Well, how about this? No two days are the same! Is that a good thing? I think it is a wonderful thing. Remember this is coming from the self-proclaimed leap frogging job hopper.  I get bored, I tend to leave.  I don’t feel a challenge, I will leave.  I don’t have variety, I will leave.  My efforts aren’t appreciated, I will resent that and I will leave.

There is no getting bored with this man!  Every day is a challenge.  Variety? Ha! No question. And, appreciation – he shows that every day.

My duties have ranged from being a political campaign manager, assisting with start-up of 2 real estate brokerages, build-out of a new office (physically), web-site builder, marketing manager, creative designer, scheduler, handler, script writer, proof-reader, researcher, music video producer, banker, errand runner, auction cashier, collaborator, interior decorator, art installer, real estate agent, home-tourer, contract-to-close paperwork”er”, video bag-n-tagger, social media poster, trade show representor, staff supporter… and more.

Kind of funny how the Universe works.  I wouldn’t be able to do all these things for Lincoln and his varied business ventures if it weren’t for the sum of my previous experiences.

From my point of view… I love working for this Entrepreneur.  I know we’re all not meant for this type of frenetic calling I have happened upon.  But, it suits me and my personality type.  I get that not everyone could thrive in this sort of environment as there is nothing routine about my day or what I do.  Working for a man with a mind like Lincoln’s, there are many things on my plate at any given moment and I don’t mind.  These are the moments when I get to “shine” with my various proficiencies and this is the time when I compliment him and his extroverted dynamo abilities as a connector, a capitalist and as an overall mover & shaker.

To sum it up, working for Lincoln Crum Realty, Locally Grown Films & Lincoln Crum Auctions is challenging; it is rewarding; it is satisfying.  Lincoln makes it fun, infuses it with passion and helps us all feel accomplished, respected and appreciated.

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