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December 8, 2016Lincoln Crum



It was just 1 short year ago, that our real estate division of came across Baby Boomer clients who were in need of right-sizing. Besides selling their house that had become too big for their current needs and lifestyle and helping them purchase a “right-size” patio home, they needed to get rid of a lot of extra stuff that had mounted up in their 40+ years of marriage. We knew we wanted to help them solve this challenge. And, although real estate auctions have been part of our company’s repertoire and expertise for 25+ years, we hadn’t considered personal property auctions as another offering to help our clients achieve their goals… that is until this Baby Boomer couple entered our lives.

We found a way. We gave it a try. We auctioned off this couple’s personal property in an on-line auction platform and it worked. It worked for them and solved their problem. It worked for us and has since turned into a thriving business. We have hired several full and part time employees over the past 9 months and now can say we are a one-stop shop when it comes to selling someone’s real estate and unwanted personal property.

We still do conventional real estate but have found quite a niche in what we’ve been doing the last year. We pride ourselves in understanding the wants and needs of the aging population of Baby Boomers and the adult children helping them manage their choices and are excited to help even more families in 2017!

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