My First Memory of the “Cape Cod” Happened in the 70’s

September 27, 2016Lincoln Crum


My first memory of the words “Cape Cod” happened in the late 1970’s.

My grandma Marcie kept a close eye on the development of the Meadows subdivision but my grandfather Marvin kept an even closer eye on the houses being built. He came home one day and told my grandma that they were building a “Cape Cod” house plan in the Meadows and we needed to go and take a look at it… and that is exactly what we did.  I’ll never forget driving down the newly paved Crums Lane in the Meadows with my grandma and grandpa. And as the street turned, there it was! A box of a house with a steep roof. “That right there is a Cape Cod” exclaimed Marvin Crum…kind of like it was a wonder of the building world. Not a ranch, not a bi-level and not a two story…I didn’t understand until I started selling houses but now I do. I love the Cape Cod, dormers or not. And, I especially love the one we just listed on Lynnedale here in Jeffersonville. For more information, contact us at (812) 987-2830. – Lincoln


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