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May 18, 2016Lincoln Crum


I’m almost at the point in my career where I can’t remember “not” being an Auctioneer. It has really come to define who I am over the past couple of years. I believe this to be the case because I finally gave in to the fact that I was put on this planet to Auction something, somewhere at any given moment. If you would have told me 30 years ago that I’d be an auctioneer until the day I die or retire I would have laughed at you. Loudly.

It all started based on the fact that I’d only be an Auctioneer for a few years until my dad recovered from Cancer. I thought I would eventually do other things that would be a lot more profitable, glorious and exciting than setting up antique auctions at 5 am on a Saturday morning. Well, I thought that until I really started Auctioneering, I realized very quickly that being an Auctioneer, like it or not, was something that I was put on this planet to do, for a long time.

I’ve sold everything at live Auction from classic and muscle cars, real estate, farms, business liquidations, furniture, antiques and charity auctions. You name it, I’ve sold it.

The best part of being an Auctioneer is something that cannot be taught at auction school or in a classroom. It can only be discovered by having a microphone in hand, calling bids, watching every single persons every move, all at the same time. It’s almost intoxicating when you are in front of a large group of people and the bids are flowing with rapid fire and intensity, all for about 15-20 seconds, then you say sold, and do it all over again with the next item.

When you evaluate all elements that go into an auction you’ll find that the “bid call” or “chant” is really a small part of what it takes to be an Auctioneer. Ironically though, its the one thing that bidders and auction goers see the most. Very rarely does the public ever see the behind the scenes actions that take place with an Auction. The checklists, setting up of equipment, audio/visual, hand holding with clients, dealing with the financial and legal aspects. No one sees it more than the Auctioneer and their team.

In the beginning of my career I wanted everyone to know exactly how the entire auction process works from beginning to end, sparing no details, as a way to educate them on the auction process so they could manage their own expectations. Really what I was doing was educating myself and paying very close attention to the details. Now, after 30 years experience it has become a lot easier to tell my clients what to expect so they don’t feel so alone in the process.

The process of helping people is one thing that we love to do at our company, and probably what we are best at doing.

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