Our Video Production Work

The idea for Locally Grown Films started in 2009 with gratis work for community businesses producing “Local Shout Outs” which were reviews about products and services. It has since blossomed into a thriving video production company that produces informative, creative and shareable video for businesses, real estate agents, city municipalities and the non-profit community. Their dream team of researchers, writers, producers, videographers and editors maneuver projects of large or small scale and regardless of budget, they always approach their endeavors in the same manner… they will create positive and engaging content and provide you with a product that is greater than you envisioned it would be. Check out their video production work. It speaks for itself!

Production Team

Lincoln Crum


Founded on the need to set himself apart from other Realtors and Auctioneers, Lincoln came up with the idea for Locally Grown Films and added one more title to his resume – Producer! Filming both in front of and behind the lens, Lincoln integrated video marketing into his existing businesses because he understands first hand that video marketing increases sales, leads & exposure. He feels that businesses who aren’t using video marketing are missing out on an enormous market opportunity and are losing customers to those that do.

Tammie Miller

Production Assistant

Tammie’s capability to work under tight deadlines and her project management background lent itself nicely to her current position as Production Assistant with Locally Grown Films. She has a talent for story-telling and is relatable, resourceful and creative. She delights in the team brainstorming sessions with each new client as well as the research and writing aspect of this position. Tammie’s attention to detail and thoroughness ensures compelling, shareable and engaging content on the final deliverable videos produced for Locally Grown Film’s clients.

Kyle Haskins

Videographer & Editor

Kyle was born and raised in Oxford, OH and moved to Jeffersonville, IN after graduating from Ball State University with a degree in Telecommunications. Kyle brings many talents to the table that assist the Locally Grown Films team in delivering a high quality, effective and influential end product to their corporate, non-profit and municipality clients, Kyle asserts his abilities in shooting, editing and drone piloting to eloquently tell the client’s story.


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