Meet Lincoln Crum:
History & Experience

Follow Lincoln through his life, from his humble beginnings on the family farm through his rise in entrepreneurship to his current roles of Realtor, Auctioneer and local video Filmmaker.


In the early 1970’s, Lincoln started working at a young age as a volunteer helper on the Crum family farm. His work ethic and capitalistic determination led him to his next working experience as a paid hand at the family’s “U-Pick” vegetable farm as well as setting up auctions for the family business. Lincoln continued his work with the various family businesses throughout his childhood and teenage years.


Little Lincoln on the family farm

Crum family farm illustration

Lincoln’s great grandfather Clifton


In the summer of 1987, Lincoln’s father, Richard sent him to Missouri Auction School in Kansas City by way of a Greyhound bus. He spent two weeks away from home, alone, at 17, learning how to become an Auctioneer. He realized and embraced later in life that it was this moment in time that was the true beginning of a career he would grow to love and be passionate about. Lincoln ended up graduating high school in 1988 not only with a high school diploma but with his Auctioneering and Real Estate licenses as well.

1984 yearbook picture of Lincoln in high school


Lincoln’s plans to go away for college fell short just two weeks after he graduated high school in 1988. Lincoln’s father, an Auctioneer whose voice was his livelihood, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of throat cancer. It was this defining moment in both their lives that led Lincoln to step into the role of full time Auctioneer and Realtor and to take over the day to day operations of the family’s auction business while his father overcame the biggest fight of his life. His dad kicked cancer’s ass. The next 15 years of Lincoln’s life were spent right by his father’s side learning as much as possible about the Auction and Real Estate industries.

Lincoln and his father, Richard Crum


Lincoln left the family business in the early 2000’s and branched out on his own.


After a very rewarding career at Crum’s Auction & Realty, Inc. Lincoln made the decision to strike out on his own, developing relationships throughout the community, focusing on real estate brokerage and development. During the 2000’s decade Lincoln led the charge of building a traditional real estate brokerage and gained a great deal of momentum, managing an office of 40+ Realtors as well as the marketing and customer service for a leading new home builder…and then the real estate market crashed. Lincoln and his team decided to sell their company and focus on individual efforts.

In the middle of the real estate crisis one of Lincoln’s greatest creative moments was born. Low on real estate deals, Lincoln’s best friend told him he needed to find a way to set himself apart from other Realtors and Auctioneers. So, his friend, Dustin Davidson, gave him a gift to last a lifetime: Lincoln’s first video camera. Immediately Lincoln began doing impromptu “shout-outs” for local businesses – reviews of sorts about their products and services. Always positive in content and entertaining, Lincoln’s career as a local video talent and producer took off like wildfire in the communities of Southern Indiana. Filming both in front of and behind the lens, Lincoln integrated video marketing into his existing real estate and auction business and people took notice. Ultimately the man with the small flip camera who was just looking to spread the word abut all things “local” became a Producer and now has a thriving video production business: Locally Grown Films.


Ultimately the real estate market rebounded and Lincoln reclaimed enthusiasm for his life’s calling as a Realtor and Auctioneer and started his own Brokerage and Auction businesses – Lincoln Crum Realty & Lincoln Crum Auctions. In 2013, Lincoln felt it was time to take all of his business ventures to another level and started building a new team, one that he could grow slowly, methodically and successfully. In 2013 he hired his first videographer and editor, Kyle Haskins. Then in 2014 he added an administrative team led by Tammie Miller. In 2015 he added additional real estate agents and a full time Auction manager, Ben Rodway.

Now, Lincoln is owner of three successful businesses with a staff of unique personalities, talents & skill sets that work alongside him both in and on all of his business ventures.

Lincoln on the stump at one of his many auctions


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