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Business Liquidations/Court Ordered Sales

When a business needs to close or relocate, they often have to “liquidate their assets” whether voluntarily or court ordered. If and when they choose to do this on their own, the process can be time consuming. One way to lessen the stress of having to “liquidate assets” is to utilize our auction services. Lincoln Crum Realty & Auctions helps businesses turn their assets into cash in a quick and efficient way. Rather than deal with returns, repairs, refunds and all the myriad of stuff that bogs a business down, an auction can sell inventory “as is.” Buyers participating in auctions are looking for bargains, and our online method can get people interested in buying lots of items quickly.

A liquidation auction can conveniently be used by a business to pay its creditors. Rather than waiting around to sell items piece by piece, an auction moves a lot of inventory out the door in a timely manner. What could take a business owner months to sell, could take our team a couple of weeks! The auction process, therefore, not only reduces stress for a business owner, but could help reduce overhead expenses as well. How can we help run your court ordered sale or liquidation auction? We will market the auction to interested people who want to buy your items. Items get professionally appraised, an inventory is taken, items are lotted, photos are taken, descriptions are written, and all the paperwork involved is taken care of by our team. We will cut you a proceeds check at the end.

Surplus Auctions

A surplus isn’t always a positive outcome. In some cases, when a manufacturer anticipates a high demand for a product that it produces and makes more than it sells during that time period, it can cause a surplus inventory which may, if it’s deep enough, lead to a financial loss for that quarter or year. When the surplus is taking up valuable warehouse space due to non-use or inability to sell, it could result in negative cash flow or permanent loss.

You can avoid long term carrying costs and recoup some of your investment by hiring our auction service to help you liquidate and turn those assets to cash.

If you need to liquidate assets, call us to discuss a surplus or liquidation auction. The number is (812)282-6043.

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Auction Team

Lincoln Crum

Managing Broker | Auctioneer | Appraiser

Lincoln has been sharpening his real estate and auction industry knowledge and experience since 1987. At the age of 17, he went to the Missouri Auction School to learn the profession and shortly after becoming a licensed auctioneer, he became licensed to sell real estate. He has performed thousands of traditional real estate transactions, real estate auctions and countless personal property auctions in his career. Being an entrepreneur for a family owned business all the way to building and forging relationships and professional partnerships in our local community has prepared him for most challenges in today’s real estate and auction climate. The common thread through all Lincoln’s experiences was an ability to not only drive sales, but also to help others be more successful. Lincoln leverages his connections and experiences as a successful business owner and is known for his outstanding client service. He believes in high-tech marketing techniques and adds personal touches as a skilled negotiator with his client’s best interests at heart. Lincoln gives confidence to his clients by educating them with top-notch information and market insight, so they make the best decision possible.

Chris Wilton

Customer Auction Support Specialist

Chris is a lifelong resident of Southern Indiana whose curiosity in the auction business stems from his personal interest in research and collecting. Finding that “diamond in the rough” is what motivates Chris to spend time sifting through information to find the value of a client’s item. Chris specializes in supporting our customers; answering questions, conducting on-site auction previews, planning pick-up days, coordinating shipping and managing our on-site crew.

Erika Myers

Client Auction Support Specialist

Erika brings 20+ years of customer service experience to the Lincoln Crum Realty & Auction’s team. She is also an entrepreneur having run her own professional eBay sales business for many years. That experience and knowledge has added greatly to our team’s resume of core competencies. Erika specializes in supporting our clients; creating marketing content and social media campaigns to get the most value for our client’s assets in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of liability.

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