Crazy that “vintage” is also the same as my childhood… Guess that makes me “vintage” – When did that happen?

September 23, 2016Lincoln Crum



One of my earliest coveted toys was STRETCH ARMSTRONG. I have to admit I was more interested in what was on the inside of STRETCH than his ability to be super flexible. It all came to an end when my neighbor and bestie, Wally Estes, and I secured a sharp knife from my grandma Marcie’s kitchen and performed surgery. In the garage, 4903 Hamburg Pike, I managed to destroy my first awesome toy. Curiosity may have killed the cat but in our case, it cost STRETCH ARMSTRONG his life.

To see all of the toys in this awesome auction, just click on the link above. Happy Auctioning… Lincoln

Auction ends: 10/4/2016



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