A Local Speaker With Global Dynamic

Born to speak, teach and lead, Lincoln has always had the gift of being comfortable in front of an audience. Early in his career he learned how to harness the power of calling bids in front of large groups of people. After 20+ years as a working Auctioneer and Realtor, Lincoln turned his sights to teaching and leading those in the local Real Estate and Auction industries educating them on the power of video combined with entrepreneurship.

If you would like to “Hear Lincoln Speak” at your next training seminar or conference, please email Tammie@LincolnCrum.com to discuss further details and schedule Lincoln for your next event! Areas of expertise include:

  • Realtors:
    • Subject video for real estate
    • Brand building utilizing video and social media
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Auctioneers:
    • Subject video for auctioneers
    • Basic video concepts
    • The live cry auctioneer
  • Small business organizations:
    • Entrepreneurship, positivity and inspirational messages all centered around entrepreneurship and the power of “local”


Contact us to learn more information on our real estate properties, auctions, video production and speaking events.

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